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Strategic Counsel


At the Stampede Group, the first order of business is to get you on the right track.


Our advice is anchored on the decades of experience that we have accumulated in markets around the world. Our knowledgeable professionals will counsel you to success and we will prevent any future oversights. Our job is to keep you out of trouble and put you on the path to success by counselling you effectively. This is the core of our brand and it is what defines us.


We make it our business to grow your business, and we take that job seriously.


Unlike other firms, we are not lobbyists. In fact, at Stampede Group, we believe firmly that the best advocate is you – an informed and well prepared you. To succeed and to reach your objectives, we will teach you what it takes to navigate the bureaucratic and often turbulent waters. We will show you how to speak the language of government in the developing and developed world.


We are confident that we do this better than anyone else because the right advice is anchored in having the right experience.