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International Trade


International trade introduces our markets to goods and services that otherwise may not be available to us. At Stampede Group, we are committed to representing your business needs and helping you achieve your expansion goals.


We will guide you through the complex government processes, help promote your brand and products and ensure that you are well positioned to compete and win in foreign markets.


Currently, we are exporting products from Canada, the United States and Europe into Asian markets, such as China and India. Our expertise is in the food services and products sector.


To win in the international realm, you need to fully comprehend the environment where you are doing business in. We will pass on the right knowledge and tactics, so that you prosper in your expansion endeavours. That is our promise to you.


We know who to do business with and where, but equally important is our knowledge of who not to do business with.


Whether it is learning the business climate, steering through legal and regulatory processes or remaining sensitive to cultural realities, our decades of international experience will lead you to success.

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