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As Managing Partner of Stampede Group Dimitri focuses his unique management, international relations and private sector expertise by ensuring that your Business Development, International Trade, Strategic Counsel and Issues Management priorities are always a success.


Dimitri is known for his results-driven and focused personality. It is at the core of his brand to get things done and deliver success. His record of extensive private sector and political experience is at your service.


Until March 2014, Dimitri led the governing Party in Canada as its CEO/Executive Director. Dimitri was described by the Chair of the CPC Fund as “the dynamic new Executive Director of the Conservative Party hand-picked by Prime Minister Harper.” Dimitri was responsible for all political operations, fundraising, finance and management at the CPC. Prime Minister Harper said of Dimitri “I know you have the skill and dedication necessary to ensure the Conservative Party is organizationally strong and ready for the challenges to come.”


In 2011, Dimitri became Executive Director, Communications, for the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC). He delivered the most aggressively successful communications roll-outs in Canadian Olympic history, sharing the stories of Olympic athletes with Canadians like never before. Dimitri took on the role of Press Chief for the Canadian Olympic Team during the Games in London and led a team of 40 sport and communications leaders.


Current Canadian Olympic Committee President Marcel Aubut in one of Canada’s most influential newspapers, the Globe and Mail,  praised Dimitri's work and said the committee was “disappointed” when he left since his “contribution was absolutely huge.”


While at the COC, Dimitri was also responsible for government relations with provincial and municipal government and also acted as a liaison with the Government of Canada. While on the executive team, he helped raise more than $100 million for the organization, which is the largest infusion of corporate funds in COC history.


Between 2006 and 2009, Dimitri fulfilled two essential roles as Senior Advisor and Press Secretary to Prime Minister Harper. In 2009, he was promoted to Associate Director of Communications on top of his other duties and in 2010, he became Director of Communications, Senior Advisor and Chief Spokesperson for one of Canada’s longest serving Prime Minister.


While fulfilling these roles, Dimitri achieved an unparalleled degree of experience in strategic planning, media relations, government and international relations, and issues management. He led a team of approximately 100 professionals, and was responsible for providing direction to more than 4000 public servants across the federal government.


In the fall of 2002, Dimitri left City Hall and joined then Leader of the Official Opposition in Ottawa. Dimitri held several responsibilities during his tenure. He was Deputy Press Secretary, Director of Community Relations and a member of the Senior Planning Team for 4 national elections.


In 2002, Dimitri was also elected as the youngest school trustee for the Western Quebec School Board where he led the modernization of the Board’s practices and help deliver better quality education.


In 2001 Dimitri joined a municipal political campaign, which resulted in winning the mayoralty for the candidate. Dimitri joined the mayor-elect at Montreal City Hall as his Press Secretary.


Dimitri was born in Montreal, Quebec. After completing a degree in Health Sciences at Montreal’s Dawson College, Dimitri went on to study Biochemistry at Concordia University. He is currently completing his Masters at Simon Fraser University.