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As President of Stampede Group, Constantine is responsible for connecting business leaders, raising private equity and securing loans for vast multinational projects. His knowledge and proficiency in local and international markets is a key asset for businesses and organizations attempting to breakthrough and expand. His success in building and leading local and international projects to victory and profit has contributed to Constantine’s immense reputation in the corporate sector.


Since 1987, Constantine has worked in the equity and financial markets, in various capacities within the corporate environment on matters of financial and personnel management. His leadership in providing retail investment advice to clients and executing complex orders has resulted in transactions totaling hundreds of millions. Constantine has a long history of raising investment capital for public companies and finding shell companies for professionals with project ideas, including projects that have gone public on the TSX-Venture.


Throughout his career, Constantine has been responsible for creating and implementing multi-million dollar budgets, working under challenging constraints and building consensus with organizations and businesses in various continents. His commitment to implementing tasks, meeting objectives, working collaboratively and committing to organizations on a long-term basis is also demonstrated through his history in both the corporate and professional soccer sectors.


He has a clear record of success and a tremendous amount of expertise in the development, placement, and training of soccer players at virtually every level of performance. He is also well versed in communicating with local and international stakeholders, including FIFA, while also building strong community support. He has an unparalleled understanding of local needs and priorities, as well as an excellent comprehension for international environments. Throughout his sporting life, Constantine has coached in multicultural summer tournaments around the world, including: Fiji, Greece and within the Indo-Canadian community.


Constantine has built an extensive international network with the highest level of corporate executives, Presidents and CEO’s. He has and continues to build great relationships with Canadian business leaders and executive leadership teams from all over the world.


Constantine studied at Simon Fraser University (1983-1986) in Vancouver B.C., and graduated with Honors from the Investment Dealers Association (1987) in the Canadian Securities Course.