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Business Development


In your business efforts, you want to keep moving forward. You want to win, and so do we.


Stampede Group combines substantial knowledge and meticulous planning with dependable tactics that make the most sense to your business needs. Our ability to raise and acquire capital with business projects is what defines us and it will be the difference in ensuring that you come out on top.


Combined, our staff has experience in the exploration, high-tech, medical, industrial, hydro-carbons and food sectors. We have worked in equity and financial markets in various capacities and we have provided investment advice to clients resulting in transactions totalling hundreds of millions.


We have a history of raising investment capital for public and privately-owned companies and we will help you in your ongoing efforts to build valuable new relationships and navigate your expansion into new markets. Cutting red tape and navigating your company through the clutter is what we do best. If the project is right, we bring decision makers together and create win-win relationships.


Our aim is to help you develop your business in a manner that will preserve gains with current clients and guide you in driving peak performance and desired results across your entire organization.